Guidelines and Suggestions for Schoolwork 18th-27th March

Dear parents,

Firstly I would like to thank you for any school work that you are doing with the children as I appreciate that these are trying times. I also hope that this post finds you safe and well.

As previously indicated the work outlined below is for children to undertake on school days March 18th to 27th.

We appreciate that circumstances are different for all of us – work commitments, access to Wi-Fi, number of siblings trying to access online material etc. and we do not want to add any further pressure. However, we are also aware that some further structure may be useful. Therefore, please find below a suggested timeframe that could be followed each day at a time that is suitable for you and your child. Also please do not feel under any pressure to compete work that is marked as Assigned Work, just encourage the children to try their best with whatever time/resources you have available.

As always encourage the children to read for enjoyment, to help around the house and to get at least 1 hour of physical activity a day wherever possible.

Kind regards,

Mr. Brennan


All Write Now:

  • Complete 1 page a day (5 pages=5 days). Assigned Work.
  • Once the 5 assigned pages are finished, check back to see what pages you may have missed and complete 1 of these pages a day. Optional Work.
  • If you have not missed any pages then find any page in the book, self-assess and correct any work you feel you could do better. Optional Work.


Maths Shadow Book

  • Complete half a page per day (3 ½ pages= 7 days). Assigned Work
  • Practice telling the time (O’clock and half past). Suggested game: Set an activity to do at different times of the day, eg. at 12 o’clock perform 20 jumping jacks, at ½ past 12 wash your hands. Optional Work
  • Practice counting forwards and back in time (1 hour before, 1 hour after, ½ hour before, ½ hour after). Optional Work

Sample exercises:

  1. What time is 1 hour before/after 1 o’clock.
  2. What time is ½ hour before/after 1 o’clock.
  3. What time is 1 hour before/after ½ past 1.
  4. What time is ½ hour before/after ½ past 1.

Suggested game: At 11 o’clock I will clean my room for ½ and hour, what time do I stop? I helped to make dinner for 1 hour, it is now ½ past 6, what time did I start?


  • Play shop using coins, checking that the children understand how to calculate change and that they can make a value using the least amount of coins, e.g. 17c=10c+5c+2c. NB: Teach the children to wash hands before and after touching money. Have a discussion with the children if it is safe to play with the coins, ie. Have they been sanitized? If it is not possible to use sanitized coins the children could make their own coins from paper. Optional Work.


Spelling Workbook

  • Complete half a page a day (4 pages = 8 days). Assigned Work.
  • Spot check spellings from previously completed chapters. If the children make a mistake, use the Look, Say, Cover Write, Check method to practice. Suggested Activities: Write the word on your hand using your finger, trace the word in sand/sugar/any similar material, write the words on a piece of paper and have a treasure hunt in the house, eg. Can you find the word “meat”? Optional Work.


Two Little Frogs

Unit 11 Pg. 44-47.

  • Day 1. Read Pg. 44 and 45 A-B.
  • Day 2. Read Pg. 44 and Pg. 45 C. Capital letters, full stops and handwriting very important.
  • Day 3. Pg. 46.
  • Day 4. Pg. 47. Capital letters, full stops and handwriting very important.

Unit 12 Pg. 48-51

  • Day 5. Read Pg. 48 and Pg. 49 A
  • Day 6. Read Pg. 48 and Pg. 49 B
  • Day 7. Pg. 50.
  • Day 8. Pg. 51. Capital letters, full stops and handwriting very important.

Assigned Work.