Christmas Crib

by fourth class


This year for Christmas, we made a model of the stable that Jesus was born in. We also made the baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, shepherds, an angel, three Kings and clay animals. Before we began all the groups had to agree what size the various parts should be. Then we were ready to begin.


Group 1 created the background. They got 20 A3 sheets, stuck them together, drew out and then painted the background. They stuck stars on and also black paper to look like house silhouettes. Later, they also painted the ground.


Group 2 made the stable by getting a cardboard box and painting it to look like the inn. They then used cardboard and modelling rock to create a stable beside the inn. They let it dry, put hay in it, brought in fences and moved them all into position.



Group 3 made Mary, Joseph and Jesus by getting clay and moulding it into the shape of the characters and the manger using various carving tools. They later painted them and let them dry.



Group 4 made the clay animals using Air Dough. They measured the correct sizes and carefully created a donkey, a sheep, a lamb and a camel. When the Air Dough had dried, they painted the animals using suitable colours.


Finally, group 5 made the angel, the three kings and two shepherds by getting plastic water bottles, wrapping them in modelling rock and letting them dry. Then, the group used paints to detail their faces and arms before colouring their outfits.



When all of groups had finished, each group set up their part on a table outside the classroom. Below you can see the finished crib.