Social Personal Health Education


The SPHE Curriculum is for children from junior infants to sixth class and is available to view at

The SPHE curriculum aims to
• foster children’s well-being, self-confidence and sense of belonging
• develop children’s sense of personal responsibility for their own behaviour and actions
• promote children’s self-awareness and understanding by helping them to manage their own feelings, to recognise and appreciate individual abilities, and to cope with change of various kinds
• support children to become active and responsible citizens.

The SPHE Curriculum is covered in discrete time throughout the week, through other subject areas and in the encouraging children’s wellbeing in everyday interactions. The work links with areas such as the Code of Behaviour, Child Protection policy, Anti-bullying policy and the ethos of the school. (see school website).

The SPHE Curriculum consists of three strands/main areas:
• Myself; Myself and others; Myself and the wider world.

Under the ‘Myself’ strand key areas of – taking care of my body, growing and changing and personal safety are dealt with. The Stay Safe, Walk tall and RSE (relationships and sexuality education) Programmes are used to support these aspects of the SPHE Curriculum.

The Stay Safe programme is a personal safety skills programme for primary schools. The aim of the programme is to reduce vulnerability to child abuse and bullying through the provision of personal safety education for children. All primary schools are required to fully implement the Stay Safe programme (DES circular 65/ 2011) within the context of the Social, Personal and Health Education curriculum.

The Walk Tall programme deals with the prevention of substance mis-use.

The RSE programme provides children with structured opportunities to develop the knowledge, attitudes, values, beliefs and practical skills necessary to establish and sustain healthy personal relationships as children and, subsequently, as adults. RSE seeks to provide children with opportunities to acquire knowledge and understanding of relationships and human sexuality, through processes which will enable them to form values and establish behaviours within a moral, spiritual and social framework. Aspects of the RSE programme at senior level (5th/6th classes) are facilitated by external personnel.

The Stay Safe and Walk Tall programmes have recently been revised and are available at for your information. The RSE programme is at

All areas are covered across a two year cycle (infants, 1st/2nd, 3rd/4th, 5th/6th). If you have any query or concerns re your child participation please contact the school.

It is important that parents support children’s learning here by talking to their children about the topic being covered and signing any sheets that are sent home.

As a school we hold regular talks for parents on aspects of the programmes -on internet safety, relationships and sexuality education for senior classes, SPHE for all classes etc.

Some Resources:

Books recommended for all children
‘The Growing Up Book for Boys’ (Davida Hartman)

‘The Growing Up Book for Girls’ (Davida Hartman)

As mentioned above please make contact with us if you have any queries regarding the above.



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