School Drop-off & Collection


Main path into school showing coloured arrows and signs

Congratulations and a big thank you to everyone on your great work over the last few days! 

Because of you we have successfully staggered our entrance to and exit from the school. Enormous thanks must go to both the staff and the Parents Support Group for their help in organising this.

From Monday 31st August, we will be shortening the length of time in the stagger. From now on children will enter the school at 9.10am, 9.20am and 9.30am. In the afternoon, they will leave the school in stages at 2.30pm, 2.40pm and 2.50pm.

It is important to note that Junior Infant classes will arrive at 10.00am and leave at 12.30pm for the next week and while Senior Infants will arrive at the normal times in the morning, they will be leaving at 1.50pm. From Monday 7th September, Junior Infants will start at their normal time and finish at 1.50pm.

The following are some notes that may help to clarify any confusion over morning drop off and evening collection.


Morning Drop Off


Time Route A (Red) Route B (Blue) Route C (Green) Route D (Yellow) Route E (Pink)
9.10am 5th Class

Ms Bambury


Ms Malone

1st Class

Ms O’Brien

2nd Class

Ms O’Donovan

9.20am 5th Class

Mr Roughan

3rd Class

Ms Owens

Senior Infants

Ms McLoughlin

2nd Class

Ms Lennon

9.30am 6th Class

Mr O’Leary

4th Class

Ms Murphy

Junior Infants

Ms Brophy (from 7th Sept.)

3rd Class

Mr Brennan

1st Class

Ms Buckley/

Ms Knightly

Remember, when the first four classes enter at 9.10am, their siblings also enter no matter what class they are in. Similarly, when the next four classes enter at 9.20am, they are accompanied by all their siblings. These siblings walk to their own class route.

The morning drop-off is working very well, and the children have been brilliant at finding their correct lines using the coloured arrows and signs.

In the morning there is no specific drop off point for any class and no matter where they are dropped, children can use the footpaths, zebra crossings and colour coded signs and arrows to find the correct class line.

Drop-off points (Start of colour-coded routes marked)

When you enter the car park, please drive as far as you can along either route before pulling in beside a cone to the left or to the right. This gives every car behind you the chance to also park in this area. Please ensure that the middle of each route is left free for cars to drive through.


Please ensure that no child walks across the car park in areas where cars are moving. The only place to do this is at zebra crossings.

Children walking from the village need to walk up the footpath nearest to the village and then follow the arrows.

Please ensure that children do not walk across the entrance gate.

Please observe the 10km per hour speed limit at all times in the car park.

Please do not park on a zebra crossing.

Please note that children will not be supervised before 9.00am and should not be left unattended before then.




The infant classes will leave the school as normal at 1.50pm. Children will exit from both hall doors and also the main school door. White dots have been painted at 2 metre intervals on the yard outside the hall. Parents who are collecting their children should stand on these spots. Parents of infants will be able to park in the car park.

Junior Infants

For the next week Junior Infants classes will leave at 12.30pm. From Monday 7th September they will leave at 1.50pm with Senior Infants.

First to Sixth Class

The simplest thing for every child/family from first to sixth class to remember is:

If you enter at 9.10am you exit at 2.30pm             

If you enter at 9.20am you exit at 2.40pm

If you enter at 9.30am you exit at 2.50pm

Siblings of children who entered with Ms Malone’s class (9.10am) or Ms McLoughlin’s class (9.20am) will NOT be leaving the school at 1.50pm with their infant brother or sister. Instead they will leave at the time that corresponds to when they entered (shown above).


Collection Points

There are 3 Collection points in the car park, marked 1, 2 and 3. These can be seen in the map below.

Collection Points

Having seen the process at work over the last few days, we have come up with the following plan for the collection of children going forward.


Collection Point 1

Collection Point 2

Collection Point 3

2.30pm Ms Bambury’s Fifth Class & siblings Ms O’Brien’s First Class & siblings

Siblings of Ms Malone’s Junior & Senior Infants

Ms O’Donovan’s Second Class & siblings
2.40pm Mr Roughan’s Fifth Class & siblings Ms Owen’s Third Class & siblings

Siblings of Ms McLoughlin’s Senior Infants 

Ms Lennon’s Second Class & siblings
2.50pm Mr O’Leary’s Sixth Class


Ms Buckley/Ms Knightly’s First Class & siblings

Mr Brennan’s Third Class & siblings

Ms Murphy’s Fourth Class & siblings

It was decided that when two or more children are in classes going home at the same time, all siblings will go to the collection point of the youngest sibling. For example, if at 2.50pm you have a child in sixth class and one in fourth class, they will both be waiting with Fourth Class at Collection Point 3.

The first group to leave at each time slot will be those who are walking to the village. We would encourage everyone to consider this option. It is good exercise for the children and it alleviates car park congestion greatly.


We would like to thank you all for your efforts at this difficult time. Because of the work of the whole school community; staff, Parents’ Support Group, parents and of course all our fantastic pupils, we have made this return to school a successful one and we look forward to everyone’s continued co-operation as we settle in to the new school year.