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For parents of First Class Children please note the following: 

Criterion Referenced Reports – Adapted from “The New Drumcondra Primary Reading Test: Administration and Interpretation Manual Level 1 (Screening Test)”

At level 1 of the New Drumcondra Primary Tests, STen scores are not included.  Level 1 of the New DPRT was designed primarily as a screening test, and was also developed in response to a broader movement away from the culture of full-class standardised testing for the very young pupils at this level.  With this in mind, and given the anxieties that STen scores can sometimes provoke, it was considered that to report these scores at level 1 could be counterproductive.  It is recommended that the criterion-referenced report be used when communicating the results of the level 1 test to parents and guardians.

Pupils whose standard scores are within the “average”, “high-average”, and “well above average” ranges are all deemed to have met the criterion in reading.  Pupils  whose scores are in the “low average” range are deemed to be approaching the criterion, while pupils whose scores are in the “well below average” range are flagged as not having met the criterion.  

“Approaching criterion” suggests a need for constant monitoring, at least, and “criterion not reached” suggests a need for further diagnostic testing and additional support.