Pancake Tuesday

Pancake Tuesday

On Pancake Tuesday, we decided to make (and eat!) some yummy pancakes!

As a class, we talked about the day itself – why we make pancakes, and what the day signifies in the lead up to Lent.

We then had to figure out what ingredients and equipment we would need to make the pancakes. We looked at a recipe as Gaeilge, and used our foclóir nua to collect all of our ingredients. We washed our hands and rolled up our sleeves.


Using our weighing scales, we measured out some flour and added it to a big bowl, along with some milk and 2 eggs. We took turns stirring the mixture until it turned into a batter. We left the batter aside for one hour and then prepared to cook it. Caroline and Ms. Doyle used a hot sandwich-maker to cook the batter, and we added the toppings when the pancakes were finally ready.








The pancakes tasted delicious, and we were able to use our reading, maths and Gaeilge skills to figure out how to make them!


We had so much fun 🙂