Senior Infants Classwork 30th March- 3rd April

Hi everyone,

How are you all? We hope you are all keeping well and have been working hard on your school work at home. Keep up the good work! We miss you all and hope to see you all again soon.

We have set out guidelines below for work to complete next week, 30th March- 3rd April. We hope to begin using Seesaw with the class this week and we will be in contact with more information on this. We understand that you are doing your best at home during this difficult time to provide an education for your child and we are very grateful for the work you have done with them so far. We appreciate that circumstances are different for us all at the moment and we don’t want to add further pressure- decide as a family what is manageable in your own circumstances.

Keep safe everyone,

Ms Mc Kiernan & Mrs Buckley

Monday 30th March:

Maths: Pg. 92 (adding two numbers up to 10)

Reading: Super Smoothie Pg.10 & 11

Super Smoothie Sight Word Activity:

Sounds Make Words: Pg. 36

PE: Cosmic Kids Yoga- We’re Going on a Bearhunt

Tuesday 31st March:

Maths: Pg.94 (adding three numbers up to 10)

Reading: Super Smoothie Pg. 12 & 13

Super Smoothie handout (Pg.51): good/than

Handwriting: Pg.50

Wednesday 1st April:

Maths: Save the Whale game (number bonds to 10)

Reading: Super Smoothie Pg. 14

Super Smoothie handout (Pg.52): Making a Sandwich

Sounds Make Words: Pg.39

Seesaw Activity: More information to follow

Thursday 2nd April:

Maths: Pg.95 (counting on up to 10)

Handwriting: Pg. 51

Gaeilge: Abair Liom Pg.82 Ceangail na Poncanna

Vocabulary revision activity:

Friday 3rd April:

Maths: Pg. 96 (vertical addition up to 10)

Sounds Make Words: Pg. 47

Art: Design, decorate and cut out an Easter egg.

Gaeilge: Frasa na Seachtaine- Cén ubh Chásca is fearr leat?

                                                         Is fearr liom ubh Chásca Mars/Crunchie/Snickers.

Tricky Words: Please continue to practice tricky words daily.

Music: Listen to and sing along with the following two songs:

Ten Green Bottles


Fruit Salad Yummy Yummy   


Story: Listen to the story Handa’s Surprise

*Optional extra: Draw your favourite part of the story/ Retell the story in your own words/ Make a list of animals and/or fruit that appear in the story/ If you were going to collect some gifts for a friend, what would you give them?

**Optional extra: Keep a diary to record different activities you do each day using sentences and pictures.



SEN Department

For children receiving extra support from Ms Dalton, Mrs Kelly, Mrs O’Connor and Ms Malone, you may find the following information useful.

Advice from Support Agencies:

From NEPS (National Educational Psychology Service): support for Parents to talk about Covid-19 and to structure the day at home

From NCSE (National Council for Special Education): “Top Tips” for parents with activities to support language development and motor skills at all ages



Read any book/comic/magazine/internet article etc. that is of interest to your child, with your support if necessary, and then do the following;

1. The child retells the story in their own words.

2. You ask “who/what/where/when/why do you think/what if/how do you know” questions in relation to what was read.

3. The child writes a short paragraph about what they have read.

4. For the junior classes – continuous practice of sight words is important.


1. It is important to keep up with the *SOS (Say the word, Say the letters as you write them, Say the word again) and Look Say Cover Write Check approaches in relation to class spellings work


Keep a diary of daily events, you can illustrate this if you wish.

Useful sites: · · accessed through the scoilnet site above.


1. Continuous practice of sums using pencil and paper as appropriate for your child’s class level i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (please include subtraction and addition with renaming, long multiplication and long division as appropriate.)

2. Tables Practice: Oral drills on all tables covered to date, the Hit the Button game accessed on is extremely helpful.

Maths practice as above must be practiced daily so that progress made to date will be maintained.