PSG AGM 15 October 2018

The Parents Support Group (PSG) AGM took place on the 15th October 2018. The meeting was opened by the outgoing co-chairs Jacqueline Wilson and Amy Meally, who also gave any update on the work of the PSG over the past year. Marie Griffin, Chair of the Board of Management (BOM) was then invited to speak about the BOM and the work they have undertaken during the year for the school. Mary Manley, Principal of the school, gave the meeting an overview of school events last year and plans for the year ahead. Louis Phillips, Treasurer of the PSG, provided an update on the accounts of the PSG, followed by John Butler, Treasurer of the BOM, who updated the meeting on the school accounts. Following some questions from the floor the meeting was concluded and the election of officers took place. 

 The new officers for 2018 / 19 are:

Jacqueline Wilson & Amy Meally – Co-Chairs 

Niall Phillips – Treasurer 

Aoife Kelly – Secretary 

The committee would like to thank Louis Phillips, outgoing treasurer for his work over the last number of years for the PSG.  

 The PSG are always looking for new members. This year we have introduced a Volunteer Group for parents who cannot attend the committee meetings, but who would like to help out at some of the events during the year. If you are interested, please contact Aoife Kelly on