Newsletter September 2019


Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.   John Dewey

Dear parents and students,

Welcome back to St Anne’s for a new school year. I know it will be an exciting year ahead and I look forward to  working with all in the St Anne’s community over the coming months.

A special welcome to our new students through the school and most especially to our wonderful new junior infants. It is the start of what I hope is an exciting journey through primary school for you all.

Looking back to last year I am reminded of so many great projects and initiatives that took place here in St Anne’s. I am delighted that so many students gave of their time to arrange clubs and competitions for other students. Well done to you all. Congratulations to all our sports teams who represented St Anne’s so well last year- I hope for continued success and participation this year.

We had some important events too at St Anne’s. Among them was the opening of our sensory garden, The Garden of Wonder. We are grateful to the Byrne family and all who supported us in this project. Know that it will make a difference to many children here.

Another event that stood out was the presentation of the GAA 5 Star flag. Special thanks to Mr Roughan and to Leon, our GAA coach, for their work on this. We are proud to have achieved the flag thanks to the effort of all the children involved in participating in the various activities. We hope to build on this and introduce further initiatives to promote physical activity this year

A lot of projects are planned for this year also and we will be in touch with you in due course on these. Among the events are:

  • Sports: 2nd classes are taking swimming lessons this term; classes 3rd to 5th are working with Leon on hurling skills; 1st classes and 6th class will start rugby training this week
  • Music: Violin classes will continue this year for classes 2nd to 6th
  • Educational trips- We hope to arrange trips for a number of classes this year, outside of the end-of-year tours. Teachers will be in touch with you on this in due course
  • Artists in the classroom. We will continue to work with Poetry Ireland and the Kildare County Council arts officer who will support us again this year in an artist/teacher led arts/writing project.

We will continue to work with the Parents Support Group this year on their many initiatives. I am extremely grateful to the committee and the wider group who give so generously of their time to run so many events. It makes a great difference!



A copy of the school calendar was sent to all families in June (Please keep an eye on the online calendar, which is updated on the school website regularly). An outline of events for Term 1 is included below

A further date to note is Thursday October 24th. We have been requested by the Department of Education to arrange a school closure on that date for the purpose of staff in-service on the new Primary Languages Curriculum that is being introduced for all classes.

The celebration of the sacrament of Confirmation will be on Saturday March 28th at 2pm and Communion on Saturday May 23rd at 11am. First Confession will be on Monday March 9th at 8pm.

Term 1  Sept New junior infants 


Swimming – 2nd classes (from Sept 6th for 8 weeks)

Violin classes for 2nd-6th (beginning Sept 12th)

Cycling lessons- 4th classes from Sept 5th

GAA hurling coaching- 3rd, 4th, 5th classes on Mondays

Rugby coaching for 1st classes and 6th classes


Sept 30th First Communion meeting for parents (8pm)

Sept 13th Rapunzel Charity event- €1 per child donation

Oct  PSG Clothes Collection Oct 4th

Maths Week- Oct 14th-18th

Language In-service Oct 24th  (DES School Closure)

Mid term Oct 25th  (Halloween Dress up day on Friday 25th)

Nov Parent Teacher meetings (1st -6th) Wed 20th and Thursday 21st November

Nov 18th – Parents meeting for Confirmation

Dec  Xmas holidays Dec 20th  

Xmas events/celebration tbc





A few reminders on school arrangements-The School Booklet on the website outlines many of the arrangements in St Anne’s. May I remind everyone about a few matters:

  • Uniform: It was great to see everyone looking so well in the complete school uniform over past weeks. I know that this standard will be maintained throughout the year. Please ensure that all clothing and materials are labelled so that they can be located if lost
  • Punctuality is important for all- in the event of being late please ensure that a note is sent to the class teacher
  • Appointments– In the event of students who needs to attend an appointment please send a note to the class teacher and an adult must sign the child out/back in at reception. It is best to come to collect children before or after lunch breaks rather than during this time as children are in the yard.
  • Healthy Eating– a reminder to all that St Anne’s is a nut-free zone. A number of children have nut allergies and therefore we ask that children do not have nuts or nut products in school. Updates re children with other allergies s will be communicated to the class/parents by the class teacher
  • Homework– Please ensure that all homework is checked and signed on a daily basis. If there is any issue re homework it would be best to communicate this to the class teacher



We are extremely grateful to all who have sent in/paid online any payments due. As you know this supports the purchase of materials and organisation of activities for the children. I appreciate that September is a time that many payment requests come in to parents- please do contact us if you have any queries or concerns on these.



As you know, strong communication between school and home is an important factor in children’s learning. At St Anne’s we welcome updates from parents in terms of how the children are progressing and we will communicate with you in this regard also.

Some of the ways in which we communicate include:


  • Aladdin system
    • Text notification- (no reply on this so contact the office if wish to reply)
    • Connect app re payments
    • School reports


  • Hard copy letters
    • Especially for matters requiring signatures


  • Website
    • general documents and policies
    • regular newsletters with information on procedures an events
    • school calendar


  • Teachers:
    • Hard copy note in bag/folder
    • Homework journal


Should you wish to speak with members of staff please make an appointment through the school office.



Finally I look forward to working with you all in the year ahead. Each new year brings a new body of students and creates its own dynamic and spirit and 2019/20 will be a unique year.

We look forward to a great year ahead and many adventures for all


Kind regards

Mary Manley