NEWSLETTER Feb 12th 2021

Dear parents and students

We have come to the end of this half-term and the mid-term break is on for all of next week.

I want to say well done to each and every one of you. I am very proud with how you have engaged with your work and especially with your class meetings and activities. It is hard to keep going but you have done this and pat yourselves on the back for that. 

It is time now to take a break and try some new things next week. A reminder that we sent out some activities that you may wish to undertake over midterm. They are on the website- School News section. Or just take a break from it all and come back fresh and ready to re-engage. 

We welcome Mr O Loinsigh’s class back to school on the 22nd and hopefully other classes will follow soon after that. 

 I wish to thank the staff of St Anne’s for all their work over the past weeks. I know everyone would wish to be back in classrooms doing what they do best and I hope that will come soon. Thanks to all the staff for their work and commitment especially as they all deal with family situations too. Thanks to parents who have sent in words of thanks and lovely email messages; these make a difference to all of us. We appreciate all who have sent suggestions too and we will continue to work and review our approaches.

I am attaching a link to a survey on remote learning and return to school which you are invited to fill out by Friday next if possible.

Happy Mid-term and Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. There is much to be positive about with loved ones around us and with the light of vaccine roll-out and school re-opening at the end of the tunnel. We are moving forward. 

Best wishes to you all,

Mary Manley