Reports and Arrangements for Friday

Dear parents, 

Annual report cards will shortly be available on Aladdin Connect. If any parent wishes to receive a hard copy of same, please contact the school office. 

It is important to note that reports are written in the context of a disrupted year and a balance of in-school and home-based learning.

Standardised tests were administered and scores are given in the format of STEN scores- see for information and explanations on same.

In the case of 1st class there are three result categories;

Criterion not reached – your child is experiencing difficulties in this area.

Approaching criterion – your child is experiencing some difficulties in this area

Criterion achieved – your child has reached the standard for 1st class.

Teachers have been in contact with a number of parents re results. If you would like to discuss any aspect of your child’s report please contact the office and we will arrange same. 



The following are the arrangements for leaving for school holidays on Friday next, June 25th

6th class graduation from 10.30-11.30 and 6th class will leave at that stage. 

12.00: Children from Mr O Loinsigh’s class (parent collection and bus). 

             Children from Ms Brophy’s, Ms Malone’s and Ms Mc Loughlin’s class who do not have siblings (only) in the school

12.10– All group 1 families- see below

12.20- All group 2 families- see below

12.30– All group 3 families- see below

(Traditionally we would have all infants going out together. Given that we are running a different system this year of staggering entry and exit times, we will stick to the new system of family groups- children will meet with their siblings in the building and go out together). 

  Classes below and their siblings
Group 1


5th Class

Ms Bambury


Ms Malone

1st Class

Ms O’Brien

2nd Class

Ms O’Donovan

Group 2


5th Class

Mr Roughan

3rd Class

Mr O Hanlon

Senior Infants

Ms McLoughlin

2nd Class

Ms Lennon

Group 3


  4th Class

Ms Murphy

Junior Infants

Ms Brophy

3rd Class

Mr Brennan

1st Class

Ms Buckley/

Ms Knightly


We will be in touch with other updates before then


Kind regards, 

M Manley