Updates January 2022

Dear parents,

I hope this finds you well.

I wish to update you on a few matters:

  1. Ventilation and Filters:

Much has been discussed in the media relating to HEPA filters and their use in schools. The guidance to schools is:

Where the practical measures for the deployment of good ventilation practices have been undertaken, and poor ventilation continues to exist in a particular room/area, air cleaners may be considered as an additional measure in conjunction with other methods of ventilation that are available.

As St Anne’s is a new building, we are in a position to have good ventilation throughout the school.

The advice to us is that Ventilation is key. Installing HEPA filters will not mean that windows and doors can be closed

We will abide by DES recommendations around ventilation, balancing the need for good ventilation with comfort levels for children, as best we can. As advised, windows will all be opened fully at the start of the day, at break times and end of day, with full/partial opening during class time. CO2 monitors are installed in each room in the school, giving teachers an indication of air quality- in the event of poor air quality teachers will increase ventilation and vacate the room as necessary. We are also using a sanitisation system as needed in classes each evening.

We are trialling the use of a HEPA filter and will review this in light of cost involved, effectiveness and impact on teaching and learning (possible noise factor).

Practices around hand-washing and hygiene continue and children at senior end are wearing masks.

We will continue to review all practices going forward. I commend all students on their attention to the regulations. 


  1. Social Media

I wish to remind parents that children under the age of 13 should not use apps such as Snapchat or set up You Tube Channels. You may wish to check in on the link below for some good pointers on various aspects of protection on the internet.


We have seen some impact of behaviours online transfer into the school setting recently. While the internet can bring many learning opportunities, it can also be a source of bullying and may leave children vulnerable if they are identifiable online.


  1. Lunches and Uniform

A reminder to all that we have a healthy eating policy in school and that chocolate, crisps and other treats should not be part of lunches. Also that the school is a Nut Free Zone to protect those with nut allergies

Uniforms should be worn in full, in all classes, with tracksuits on PE or other sport days designated by teachers. I appreciate your co-operation in all these matters.

Kind regards, 

Mary Manley