Welcome Back

Parents and students

We look forward to welcoming you back tomorrow. It will be a great day and the start of an exciting year ahead. 

We sent out the plan for entry and exit already. You just need to remember your path (see below ) and there will be teachers and volunteers here to help you if you are unsure

RED PATH- 5th and 6th 

BLUE PATH- 3rd Ms Owens and 4th Ms Murphy

GREEN PATH- Junior and senior infants (juniors have different timetable for first week or so)

YELLOW PATH: 1st Mrs O Brien, 2nd Ms Lennon, 3rd Mr Brennan

PINK PATH- 1st Mrs Buckley/Mrs Knightly, 2nd Ms O Donovan

To help you figure it out please see our video of welcome (link below)

Parents please note: 

  • The church car park and GAA car park will be available for parking in the morning and evening
  • Also in a previous email I indicated that children were not required to bring books until teachers decided what is needed at home or in school; some teachers have sent out a note on Aladdin asking for some books tomorrow- if you have them that is fine and if not it will be ok too. If you did not receive a note from teacher then there is no need to bring books

Thanks to all the staff, PSG and everyone who is helping us get on our way. 

BEst wishes to you all

M Manley