Welcome to Our Website

Welcome to the new look St Anne’s School website!

Our aim is to give you a insight into all that goes on in our school and to continue to build on links between home and school.

We hope you find lots of interesting information about our school here, from the showcasing of school and class events to background information on policies and education practice.

Please do check in regularly and add us to your favourites!


The Gallery captures many of the events and initiatives that take place in St Anne’s. Why not browse through this section and see the interesting Hallowe’en costumes, our Goal Jersey Day snaps, photos of Santa’s visit and more recent events such as the making of St Brigid’s crosses?

Each class has its own section showcasing their work in Class News


The Information for Parents section contains some readings on education and learning as well as the school policies that underpin the organisation of the school and teaching/learning here.

In addition to this we have the section from the Parents Support Group which will keep you up to date on the many wonderful events that are organised by the PSG to support the school.

The latest news, including lotto results, will be captured in the School News section. This section will also contain School Newsletters which will, on a regular basis, highlight key events that take place in school.


Our School Calendar will be updated regularly showing dates for many events, school closures etc.

We hope you enjoy visiting our site! If you have any suggestions on how to improve the site please let us know.