Newsletter February 5th 2021

Hello everyone,

I would like to mention a few subjects in this week’s newsletter, as follows:

Remote Learning:

Firstly, I want to complement everyone on work in See Saw. I can see great work being uploaded.

Well done to everyone for taking part in class meetings over the past weeks. Infant classes will start theirs next week, which I’m sure will be fun.

We have made a lot of effort in trying to have the most secure process for this. I wish to thank everyone for the good behaviour online and remind parents of the protocols we have devised these will be updated in the Information for Parents section on the website as we continue to review this and learn from ongoing sessions.

The purpose of the class meetings is firstly to check in and meet classmates, which we believe is very important. There will be more focus in meetings as we progress and teachers will be in touch about their own plans on that- some activities, presentations and a focus on parts of the curriculum that lend themselves to this forum. We will continue to review this way of working.

It is important to note that no platform will replace school-based learning and the energy that comes with a full class group together. So our approach is blended, using Teams and See Saw in balance.

With See Saw there is the opportunity for children to learn in their own time. Teachers are putting up explanatory videos, voice recordings and sheets for new work and children can apply the learning from these individually. Teachers are able to view individuals work and comment /support accordingly.

Please know that teachers plan according to what is best done in an online setting and what is best for face-to-face learning when we return to school.

The Primary School Curriculum places emphasis on how we learn as much as what we learn. It highlights the importance of discovery and activity-based learning; the child is an active agent in their own learning and environment-based learning is celebrated. There are many opportunities outside the classroom to do this. Online learning gives pupils opportunities to develop age-appropriate self-management and organisational skills which are valuable in moving forward. I am delighted to see that so many are experimenting in different ways and learning through observation, going outdoors, investigating projects and being self-directed in material to read . This will stand to you all.

I appreciate it may be hard to keep the momentum going. From what I am seeing there is great work being done so take a bow everyone. While it is important to keep as much routine around schoolwork going, it is also important to know when to take a break and try something different. Please do keep in touch with us and let us know if we can support you.


Return to School

The most recent communication from DES indicates that children in special classes are invited to return on February 22nd. There is no date for the return of other classes but our understanding is that discussions are continuing on same.


Some Resources:

I know that you have been enjoying Mr Brennan’s keep fit routine…..I saw some great video evidence of that. Look out for the next instalment coming soon on See Saw.

You may wish to check out Music Generation and Chess Ireland and of course Children’s Books Ireland for other courses and activities.


The Weekly Challenge:

I am so impressed with the lovely photos that are coming into me on the Create challenge from last week. There is such a variety, from lego to smoothies, from beautiful artwork to baking and so much more. Well done everyone.

You can continue with any of the challenges from the past weeks and send them in.

Have a look at some of the photos here: 

Create Challenge SLIP CHALLENGE


So our new challenge for this week which is to compose a poem or a piece of music. Poems can be on any topic, can rhyme or not, can be funny or serious and any length that you think captures what you want to say

Music can be a song, a piece of music on an instrument, a percussion piece, using homemade instruments or objects in your environment. Again, the theme and duration of the piece are up to you.

I look forward to hearing these compositions! I will take any of these next week or you can do over mid-term also if you wish.


So everyone, have a lovely weekend and know that you are all special!

Warm regards

Ms Manley